Interior Design for the Caring Sector

How inviting is your care establishment?

If you are an owner of a care home could you bring in more, private, higher paying residents?

Good design is critical to creating a really warm and inviting feel to your care home, where each room is balanced with both colours and textures. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to achieve by yourself without training and experience. Experienced help is right here!

Do you need help with your design on your next refurbishment or extension?

Provida is now offering a full professional interior design service. The service includes creating mood boards and room designs to give proper room visuals.

Free design consultation is now available from Provida

You can benefit from an experience design consultant who can create the design you are looking for, and believe it or not it isn’t necessarily expensive!

Benefits of a Professional Interior Design Service

  • You can get fresh design insights and ideas
  • Bring your home in line with similar up-market homes in your area.
  • Make sure that colours and textures are properly themed
  • Make sure all your rooms are like balanced
  • Bring a holistic design to your home, potentially bringing in more private paying residents.
  • Good design doesn’t have to be really expensive.

This is a professional service and attracts an additional cost, but this cost can be mitigated very easily. If you can give us 30 minutes, we will explain how this can be achieved.

It costs nothing for the initial design consultation – let us show you how this service can benefit you.

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Managing Director

Robin Mumford
Contracts Manager

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Silvija Culpeper

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